About Itechwik

Itechwik is a Tech blog that covers latest Technology, Softwares, Startups, Design and Gadgets. Through technology we can solve a lot of problems in the world. Technology has the ability to transform the lives of billions of people. Through this blog we will try to cover the latest Technology and Industry Trends that matters the most.

Viraj Anchan launched Itechwik on October 5, 2011. Initially Itechwik was a tech social network where users could share things regarding technology. However later we decided to focus only on the blog. Hence Itechwik was relaunched on October 16, 2014 as a blog.

About Viraj Anchan

Viraj Anchan likes to develop Web and Mobile Applications. He likes to read and learn random things. He authors the Tech blog Itechwik where he writes about the latest Technologies, Startups, Design, Softwares and Gadgets.